Qingqing Zhou Creator Z-03 Coloured needle
Creator Z-03 Coloured needle is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Award Category.
Creator Z-03 Coloured needle

The biggest speciality of this sewing needle is that it has a coloured needle eye made of silicone. Firstly, when leading the tread through the needle, the needle eye can be enlarged by pressing, thus making it easy for the thread to get through. Secondly, With this coloured needle, we can easily lock at the target! Thirdly, when the needle falls onto the ground, the soft material end helps easy pick-up. Fourthly, you can use different colours to identify the dimension you need.

Creator Z-03 Coloured needle
Qingqing Zhou Creator Z-03
Qingqing Zhou Coloured needle
Qingqing Zhou design
Qingqing Zhou design
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