Five Am Filou & Friends Shop design
Filou & Friends Shop design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Filou & Friends Shop design

Flexibility is at the heart of the concept FIVE AM created for Filou & Friends’ new stores. More than a simple kids’ corner, the entire shop now revolves around a unique language, taken directly out of children’s imagination.FIVE AM came up with the idea of having a rail following the contours of the store. This rail works as a link to the metal playgrounds and work areas, which can take up different functions.

Filou & Friends Shop design
Five Am Filou & Friends
Five Am Shop design
Five Am design
Five Am design
Five Am

Design atelier Five AM was established in 2011 by interior architects Mathieu Bellens and Olivier Caluwier. Creating interiors and exhibition spaces for semi-public organisations and private companies, the Five AM portfolio also extends to product design. The studio’s aim is to generate a moment of astonishment in the process of realising an inspiring result. With simplicity as a starting point, each design needs to interact with the user and build up naturally until the story is complete.

Five Am

FIVE AM is a Belgium based design studio, specialised in creating concepts ranging from interiors, temporary installations to product design. By keeping our focus on simplicity during the entire design process, each concept obtains its own unique and recognisable image. This approach resulted in international awards and recognition by Design Vlaanderen.