Kenneth Wen Castletown Interior Design
Castletown Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Castletown Interior Design

Given the constant flooding in the rainy season on the lowland in Southern Taiwan where the office building is located, the designer inspired from the countryside commonplace water-striding insect “gerridae” constructs a big pool as the garden landscape that solves the flooding issues bothering the client for a long time. Designed based on the biological features of “gerridae,” the building exterior is exclusive and unique.

Castletown Interior Design
Kenneth Wen Castletown
Kenneth Wen Interior Design
Kenneth Wen design
Kenneth Wen design
Kenneth Wen

Architectural Interior Designer at FULY Construction Corporation. Interior Designer at Top Interior Design Firm. Distinguished Director of Consultant at ROLF BENZ. Board Member at Good Group Artistic Glass Company. Architectural Interior Design Director at Sky Architectural Space Planning and Design Firm. Architectural Interior Design Director at Sky Architectural Development Co. Ltd. Member of Chinese Society of Interior Designers. Member of Council of Tainan Association of Interior Designers. Member of Kaohsiung Art Institute of Spatial Design. Advanced studies in Japan.

SKY Architectural Space Planning and Design

Persistence is the key to success. The past 10+ years, Sky Architectural Space Planning and Design has one big dream – build a water strider shape and concept office building – designed and built from scratch. Water striders used to been seen a lot before the industrial pollutions destroyed their habitats; they can only live in places where water and environment are clean. They are often seen in the rural areas in the city of Tainan in Taiwan where pollutions are less. Based in the city of Tainan, Kenneth Wen, the Director of Sky Design, always has the dream to build a water-strider-shaped office. The office not only represents his childhood memories but also ultimate concept of pure and clean designs that the company has always carried in its architectural and interior projects. Owning a home is a big life milestone achievement, so we make sure that each and every of our clients are carefully listened. At Sky Design, we treat our clients like friends and family. We learn their life stories and incorporate the lifelong experience into the fundamental design concepts that represents the personalities of the owners. Therefore, each design is always different from another; and the design itself will read you the stories of the home owner. Just like our office building. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” by Walt Disney. This has always been the motto of Kenneth. He dreams big and achieves big goals but he doesn’t forget his very beginning mind when he first started his designer career – incorporation of one’s life stories with pure heart design. This is also the spirit of Kenneth of how he leads his team for the coming new chapters of Sky Design.