Chris Slabber Insect Sculptures Advertising
Insect Sculptures Advertising is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Insect Sculptures Advertising

Each piece was hand crafted to create sculptures of insects inspired by their environments and the food they eat. The artwork was used as a call to action via the Doom website too identify specific household pests. The elements used for these sculptures were sourced from junk yards, garbage dumps, river beds and super markets. Once each insect was assembled, they were photographed and retouched in photoshop.

Insect Sculptures Advertising
Chris Slabber Insect Sculptures
Chris Slabber Advertising
Chris Slabber design
Chris Slabber design
Chris Slabber

Growing up in the South Africa, I was influenced from an early age by humble surroundings. It was here where I developed my imagination that would eventually fuel my Surrealistic style. Mostly known for my Photography and manipulation techniques, I like to focus on the subconscious. I want the viewer too finish each piece inside his/her mind. This results in an individualistic experience. It should be an inward journey, manifested as an emotional experience. After 10 years of working as a professional in both commercial and fine arts, I have received multiple awards for my work in Photo Manipulation and Mixed Media Illustration, of which the most prestigious was the 2014 & 2018 Platinum award for Photo Manipulation at the A’ Design Awards in Como, Italy. Alongside this I am the 2018 A’ Design Awards Designer of the Year.

Chris Slabber

Chris Slabber specializes in photography, retouching and manipulation. His niche lies in the experimental side of his craft. Exploring the unknown is what drives him to achieve his unique results and in doing so supplies his clients with stand alone work.