Tamas Csiszer Hiya Office
Hiya Office is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Hiya Office

This 300 sq ft office area was built on the 5th floor of an office block. The clients company specialises in IT programming. The idea was to integrate the values of the company creating a warm and modern atmosphere with well equipped, work promoting departments. The shape and the lilac colour of the logo of the company was the starting point in designing. Now an active social lifestyle is offered to the employees in this office. The move away from fixed desks enables the staff to be mobile and make use of different areas.

Hiya Office
Tamas Csiszer Hiya
Tamas Csiszer Office
Tamas Csiszer design
Tamas Csiszer design
Tamas Csiszer

He comes of an artistic family (composer, painter, writer as family members) that helps him in inspiration and creativity. At the beginning of his career he designed eyewear frame displays for optician stores. Through the years he got involved into the designing and general execution of different kind of stores. He became by himself an expert of giving a harmonious athmosphere to a space by choosing the suitable materials, colors, furnitures, lightings. He is interested by the new trends, tendencies and he likes transforming spaces by giving beauty and value to them. He is not particular about any trends or styles, in his repertoire as a designer one can find Scandinavian, eclectic, baroque and neutral inclinations. He tends to create a harmony always with taking into account the practicality. He has an extensive experience of working within the construction industry. He can visionize then transform the visualization into a floorplan.

Csiszer Design Studio

Founded by Tamas Csiszer in 1999, Csiszer Design Studio is a hungarian interior design firm based in Veszprem. The studio has worked on many projects throughout Europe including luxury retail stores, restaurants and public spaces. Specialising in designing opticians stores, the studio takes pride in commissions of all sizes and has a solid understanding of designing functional retail spaces with a strong contemporary look. The company has extensive experience working within the construction industry so understands the challanges and restrictions that often arise when putting designs into practice.