Jiun-Hua Yang Postmodern aesthetics Interior Design
Postmodern aesthetics Interior Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Postmodern aesthetics Interior Design

The melody composed by the interaction between the classical and modern style has now turned into a new chapter for postmodern aesthetics. The avant-garde aesthetics, constituted by the combinations of titanium plates and marble frameworks, ingeniously change the original layout into the clear space, in which the magnificent grandiloquence associated with postmodern aesthetics demonstrates the resolution inheriting family traditions.

Postmodern aesthetics Interior Design
Jiun-Hua Yang Postmodern aesthetics
Jiun-Hua Yang Interior Design
Jiun-Hua Yang design
Jiun-Hua Yang design
Jiun-Hua Yang

芽, 新希望的象徵 一種倍感溫馨的感動, 夢想的開始 米, 實而不華 是種難以取代的必需品 如同芽米 堅持生活美學的態度 設計專屬你的獨特空間 貼近、傾聽、瞭解 不為設計而設計 而是一種與業主討論後所激發出來的 花 打造屬於你夢想中的藍圖。

Yamspace Design

Building a dreaming space is happy and moving. Design is not only an art appearance, but also an expression of improving the quality of life. The key point of design thinking is human that is until communication, absorption, transformation and finally practice. Design is to use the different thought, seriously to feel life, simply to present, which are just for touching their heart. There is an interior design studio named Yamspace which are more than 300 interior cases since 2003 in Taichung city, Taiwan. It includes interior design, marketing, engineering, CIS, business office design, renovation and so on. We believe that design comes from insist on it.