Kim Tiziana Rottmuller Bittersweet Womenswear Collection
Bittersweet Womenswear Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Bittersweet Womenswear Collection

These garments are part of the collection Bittersweet which is a fusion of Prison and Barbie. The combination of the ruffles and tube alike cages, iron constructions as well as the combination of jet black and pale pink symbolizes the contrast of bitter and sweet in a dramatic way. Raising awareness to break free from mental constriction and limits made by ourselves. There are so many prisons, so many invisible, because they only exist in people's minds !

Bittersweet Womenswear Collection
Kim Tiziana Rottmuller Bittersweet
Kim Tiziana Rottmuller Womenswear Collection
Kim Tiziana Rottmuller design
Kim Tiziana Rottmuller design
Kim Tiziana Rottmuller

Surrealistic womenswear, more via: Member at the Fashion Council of Germany.

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller relocated to Florence, Italy in 2014 where she currently studies fashion design in her 4th and last year. Her design signature lies in provocation through a feminine but also playful way which stress and complete the idea of the concept that also provocation is beautiful, too, as well as the discovery of oneself through her design. She pays a lot of attention that everything is connected in a coherent way, supported with a surrealistic impact.