Kevin Chu Foglia Environment Cleansing Floorlamp
Foglia Environment Cleansing Floorlamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Foglia Environment Cleansing Floorlamp

Photocatalysis is process that uses nano-particle that when activated by any light source and air it can clean the environment of toxins such as nitrogen dioxide and volatile compounds arsing from construction site while also possess a deodorizing effect and is completely non toxic to humans. The lamp is made made from stainless steel and treated with this technology. During the day it uses natural daylight to clean your environment and during the night the LED light continues the process. There are a series of screens that can be magnetically attached onto the openings of the lamp.

Foglia Environment Cleansing Floorlamp
Kevin Chu Foglia
Kevin Chu Environment Cleansing Floorlamp
Kevin Chu design
Kevin Chu design

COC (Chu Original Creations) is a multi-disciplinary environmental design firm that tackles contemporary Architecture, Interior, and Product, Graphic designs as well as Customized Artwork and Art Installations Projects. Started in 2012 founder and director Kevin Chu studied in the Bartlett School of Architecture at the prestigious London University and graduated with distinction. With office in Italy and Hong Kong COC design has won many awards around the world with its boundary pushing designs and has been published extensively. It is nominated as one of the most creative design firms coming out of Asia and is also one of the only firms in Hong Kong to be awarded several architecture/product design contracts with esteem Italian companies. COC design strives to offer creativity in any contract and specialized in thinking “outside of the box” solutions