Mei-Lin Hsu Screws Office Interior Design
Screws Office Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Screws Office Interior Design

It is the office for a screw mold manufacturer, in which the designer starts the design plan based on the image of screw thread. The design idea inspired from screw head is brought into reality by constructing the curved wall in partial-public meeting room, screw-head style office, etc. so that the an interesting business space is brought into existence by presenting from the perspectives of nature, humanity, and functions.

Screws Office Interior Design
Mei-Lin Hsu Screws Office
Mei-Lin Hsu Interior Design
Mei-Lin Hsu design
Mei-Lin Hsu design
Mei-Lin Hsu

Majored in architecture and has been developing a sense of space and three-dimensional structure ever since. Drawing habits and reading in childhood time cultivate a limitless imagination towards surroundings, the food for my design. Constant practice realize the inspiration.

MEI Design Studio

A architecture-loving-mother founded design company based its creativity on pure design and original thinking, guides and nurtures the team of young designers, creates an environment of courage.Founder Hsu Mei-lin had a few years of experiences in architect firm before she changed her job and started up architecture-interior-design based studio due to family issues. In the beginning, it was just about reading, drinking coffee, and more reading and more coffee, the interior design came much later: residences, shops, offices, and the single family mansions architectural design is the project of recent years. The studio now consists of professionals in architecture, interior design, and visual communication. Projects are based on discussions on breakdowns of works. Starting from the original point and being persistent on quality and elegant presentation, the ambition is to realize our new creation in a more courageous form.