Oval Design Ltd Exploration Centre Urban Renewal
Exploration Centre Urban Renewal is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Exploration Centre Urban Renewal

The Urban Renewal Exploration Centre casts the spotlight on Hong Kong’s housing problems and demonstrates the urban renewal efforts and their benefits to the community. It targets to a wide audience, ranging from primary and secondary students to local community. Digital technology and interactive multimedia such as iBeacon-enabled E-Tour Guide, Augmented Reality, Kinect Game, UR Info Hub integrated with life size mock up that convey the complex topics and diversified information to the public through a fun filled journey.

Exploration Centre Urban Renewal
Oval Design Ltd Exploration Centre
Oval Design Ltd Urban Renewal
Oval Design Ltd design
Oval Design Ltd design
Oval Design Ltd

Oval Design is a communication focused creative agency specializing in spatial design and production of high-end exhibitions, events, commercial interior design and multi-media installations. Built up over 25 years of continued growth, the team comprises highly creative designers, project executives with exceptional interpersonal skills, professional consultants and contractors to provide quality one-stop solutions. Dennis Wong has led the team to successfully integrate multi-disciplinary design elements with top-notch project implementation to achieve client’s objectives and even over their expectations. The creative ideas behind the projects have reshaped perceptions of possibility and have all been delivered with passion and impeccable execution.

Urban Renewal Authority, Hong Kong

Urban Renewal Exploration Centre is an exhibition area which presents a real-life experience of dilapidated housing, interesting exhibits, interactive multimedia facilities and sharing corner. It aims to inspire public to understand and approach urban renewal issues from various perspectives.