Milda Vyštartiene Heaven Lamp
Heaven Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Heaven Lamp

Lamp Heaven is a modern updated version of traditional Lithuanian Straw Gardens popular in Pagan times. The purpose of the lamp is to recreate tradition, promote do it yourself idea and bring unique style and warmth to home interior. The main structure of the lamp is made out of glass tubes and LED wires which makes the lamp adjustable to a variety of shapes. As a result, each Heaven is an outcome of personal imagination. Heaven will be flat-packed in an eco-friendly package making it very easy to transport.

Heaven Lamp
Milda Vyštartiene Heaven
Milda Vyštartiene Lamp
Milda Vyštartiene design
Milda Vyštartiene design
Milda Vyštartiene

Milda is a young 3D artist who works mainly in architectural vizualisations, but her dream is to create her own furniture and home lighting product collection and sell them worldwide. To make her dream come true, she applied for the A Design Award & Competition, where she could achieve global recognition.

Vilnius academy of arts

The Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuanian: Vilniaus dailės akademija, previously State Art Institute of Lithuania) in Vilnius, Lithuania, grants a variety of degrees in the arts. The academy was created as a separate entity in 1940; it had previously been part of Vilnius University. It was closed during the Nazi occupation of Lithuania, and re-opened in 1944. In 1951 it was organized into the following departments: painting (including frescos, mosaics, and theatrical design), graphics, sculpture, architecture and design, and ceramics and textiles. In 1974, the Section of Artists-Decorators to the Club Industry Department of Klaipėda Faculty of the State Conservatoire of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic was established. In 1979, the Section was merged with the former State Institute of Arts of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic. After the merge, the Section was transformed into the Department of Klaipėda‘s Visual Activism, and in 1986 it was renamed the Department of Visual Communications. In 1990, after the higher school regained its former name of Vilnius Academy of Arts (hereinafter referred to as VAA), the Department has had the name of Klaipėda Department of Visual Design at VAA since 1991. 2013 for the Klaipėda subdivision of the VAA was the year of crucial change. On 20 March 2013, the VAA Senate confirmed the establishment of the Klaipėda Faculty, and on 1 October, the Faculty began its first academic year.