Chin-Lien Lin The Oriental Style Restaurant Interior Design
The Oriental Style Restaurant Interior Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Oriental Style Restaurant Interior Design

It is a restaurant located in Beijing, the capital of China that the designer applies the classical oriental style to the construction plan which offers customers artistic environment as if participating joyful time traveling back to Chinese dynasties. Inspired from the historical literatures and bamboo forest, the designer manifests the graceful and elegant spirit from ancient China by using the diverse modern construction material and design skills. The wall surface written with calligraphy reminds people's memories of the old time participating in joyful time.

The Oriental Style Restaurant Interior Design
Chin-Lien Lin The Oriental Style Restaurant
Chin-Lien Lin Interior Design
Chin-Lien Lin design
Chin-Lien Lin design
Chin-Lien Lin

Tiffany, the designer of our company, have been learning for years being a professional designer, who is proficient in residential, office, show house, public facility, restaurant, clinic, etc. Her design styles are distinguishing. Tiffany loves experiencing new tasks, which explain her passion traveling abroad and taking new challenges.

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The residential design idea: “We do not build for house.” We deliver to our clients the preferential spaces with the unique delicacy and vigor. The close relationship with our clients assists in making them the specific and customized spaces and restaurants. The restaurant design idea: Based on the principle of “sections and independent spaces,” the fashionable but warming styles decorate every space with specific feature, which broadcasts magnificent characteristics and broadens the visual scales, while invigorating the entire space by ingeniously using flower arrangements and prestigious artworks. We support our clients in materializing the concept “innovative urban culinary culture” that binds the restaurants to native cultures.