STUDIO 33 Ghetaldus Optika Corporate Identity
Ghetaldus Optika Corporate Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ghetaldus Optika Corporate Identity

Ghetaldus Optics is the largest manufacturer and distributor of glasses and contact lenses in Croatia. Character G represents initial of the company name and symbol of the eye, eyesight, brightness and pupil. Project included complete company rebranding with the new brand architecture (Optics, Policlinic, Optometry), new identity design with stationery, stores signage, promotional materials, advertising strategy and private label products branding.

Ghetaldus Optika Corporate Identity
STUDIO 33 Ghetaldus Optika
STUDIO 33 Corporate Identity
STUDIO 33 design
STUDIO 33 design

Co-founder and Creative director at STUDIO 33, Branding strategist, winning designer Branding strategist and winning designer with a MFA from School of Design Zagreb, Croatia in Visual Communication. With a career spanning over more than 8 years, Leo has gained experience as a freelance designer, an agency designer and a co-founder of his own agency.

Ghetaldus Optika

With its half-century tradition, Ghetaldus Optika is the largest manufacturer and supplier for all kind of ophthalmic glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses of domestic and world-famous manufacturers. Ghetaldus Optika has incorporated its highest value on the Croatian market. These are in the first place knowledge, persistence and high quality service. The quality assurance of the offer is manifested primarily by highly educated experts, the world's best equipment for diagnosing vision defects and spectacles, 78 optical and ophthalmic centers throughout Croatia.