Ingrid Kulper Edge Area Rug
Edge Area Rug is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Edge Area Rug

The lines in this hand tufted rugs are stitched with a thread made of banana fiber. Stitching gives the rug another dimension and adds more depth to the design. The designer did choose to use the square and the triangel in combination to find the desired form. For the aqua colored rug 100% bamboo fiber is used.The mustard colored rug is tufted with NZ wool and with some added bamboo fiber for extra shine and softness.

Edge Area Rug
Ingrid Kulper Edge
Ingrid Kulper Area Rug
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper

Mattahari originates from Matahari which means the center from the sun and was founded by Ingrid Kulper in 2008. The belief that color and form in our surrounding contributes to our wellbeing both consciously and unconsciously is the main focus of Mattahari. Using only natural materials like Bamboo fiber, wool and bananafiber in all Mattaharis products. The design is based on sacred geometry and all the different patterns found in nature, like the sunflower and pinecone. Speciality: Unique custom made rugs for projects and private homes

Ingrid Kulper Design AB/ Mattahari

Mattahari started as a brand and is now part of Ingrid Kulper Design since a few years. Matahari with one t here originates from Indonesia and means center of the sun. Matta in Swedish means rug so adding one t gives the word a new meaning. The main focus ot this company is designing rugs suitable for both the contract market and for private customers.