Antonia Skaraki Melodi-Stathakis Family Honey Packaging
Melodi-Stathakis Family Honey Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Melodi-Stathakis Family Honey Packaging

Glimmering gold and bronze instantly catching the attention of consumers are employed to make the MELODI Honey stand out. We decided to use intricate line design and earth colors. Minimal text was used and the modern fonts turned a traditional product into a modern necessity. The graphics used for the packaging communicate energy similar to that of a busy, buzzing bees. Exceptional metallic details imply the product’s high quality.

Melodi-Stathakis Family Honey Packaging
Antonia Skaraki Melodi-Stathakis Family
Antonia Skaraki Honey Packaging
Antonia Skaraki design
Antonia Skaraki design

Inspiration of our creation for the MELODI Honey container are the bee hives that produce this top quality product. The container has a prismatic nature and reflects the purity of the Stathakis Family Honey. Inspired by Art Deco, our packaging is an ode to honey. We used gold foil printing and colors of the earth that represent that high quality product.