Musa Çelik Incia Liquid Soap
Incia Liquid Soap is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Incia Liquid Soap

Incia products contain 100% natural ingredients. Packaging design alternatives which are inline with this claim were prepared. Performance was highlighted with asymmetric and masculine shoulder details. On the other hand, a soft body form was designed for a sense of innocence. A stylized leaf figure was applied to the bottle to emphasize naturalness in an aesthetic way. We have once again emphasized the eco friendly property of the product, designing it %100 recyclable packaging.

Incia Liquid Soap
Musa Çelik Incia
Musa Çelik Liquid Soap
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik

Musa Celik graduated from fine arts department in university and then he decided to focus on designing. After working in some companies he founded his design agency Tasarist in 2011. He specialized on packaging design and worked with many local and global brands. He is a well known designer in his country and he has lots of national and international awards. He designed a lot of home care product package for well known brands in Turkey.


Tasarist is a privately held company, working on packaging design. Providing industrial and graphic packaging design services together, Tasarist generates integrated strategies. Tasarist doesn’t only place emphasize on consumer understanding during the strategic design development process, it also specifically lays focus on shopper and consumer insights. Focusing on the hybrid nature of “consumer-shoppers” and considering latest trends and their implications for design development, fuels a unique approach what we have called CBP (Creative Branding Process).