Alisson Rochinski Beagle Ship Website
Beagle Ship Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Beagle Ship Website

The project was from the beginning designed to have a differential in design and that represented the main value of the company: evolution. The design features bold features and focuses on an immersive user experience. All the style applied in the website aims to present the theme of the company and to expand the culture of the agency that must begin in the real world and be expanded to the digital world.

Beagle Ship Website
Alisson Rochinski Beagle Ship
Alisson Rochinski Website
Alisson Rochinski design
Alisson Rochinski design
Beagle Ship

An advertising agency based on the philosophy of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin, which uses the name Beagle Ship, Beagle is the name of the ship used by Charles Darwin in his studies. The advertising agency with almost 5 years of market operates in all areas of advertising but with a greater focus and differential in the digital area, where it always aims to innovate with technology and design, without fear of daring and breaking standards. The value-based agency Evolution has already had countless weight projects that received awards, and it is based on this that the company is constantly seeking its growth.