Zayad Motlib Symbiotic Mixed Use Development
Symbiotic Mixed Use Development is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Symbiotic Mixed Use Development

Inspired by the formation of a voronoi pattern as found in natural systems, the proposal seeks to integrate contextual environmental data into a synthesis of forms, skins, and public spaces. Three towers connected on the ground level by a double-deck shopping plaza. The lower deck, a lavish green oasis, provides a gathering zone for people during the hot summer season. Towers' geometry and skins were developed in response to Dubai climatic conditions. They taper, twist, and have varied balconies depth and skin openings to minimize sun exposure and to maximize indoor shading and comfort.

Symbiotic Mixed Use Development
Zayad Motlib Symbiotic
Zayad Motlib Mixed Use Development
Zayad Motlib design
Zayad Motlib design

AmorphouStudio is an interdisciplinary architecture and design studio founded in 2010. Based in Sydney with an office in Dubai, the forward thinking practice is recognized through its visionary approach in a manifold of innovative projects that span across multiple disciplines: architecture, master planning, art installations, interior, and industrial design. Inspired by nature’s exuberant richness of self-organizing systems, the practice ventures into new territories of design thinking informed by the complex form of order found in natural organic formations, cultural context, technologies, patterns, and mathematics. These multifaceted inspirational sources are fused into projects through the application of cutting edge digital design to fabrication technologies. A critical integration of these technologies is directed to produce aesthetically sensible and performance-based architecture that fuse structure, space, materials, and expression into a unique architectural experience.