Yasuhito Takeuchi Forever cherry blossoms Poster
Forever cherry blossoms Poster is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Forever cherry blossoms Poster

People who were at the mercy of the times. It resembles cherry blossoms and petals blooming and scattering. Even if it fails, it grows with effort. Each person has strength weakness. Collaborate with surrounding people and overcome. It is often compared to cherry in Japan. Pale human life, pale cherry blossoms color. Human beings and cherry blossoms combined to express the rise and fall of living things alive.

Forever cherry blossoms Poster
Yasuhito Takeuchi Forever cherry blossoms
Yasuhito Takeuchi Poster
Yasuhito Takeuchi design
Yasuhito Takeuchi design
Yasuhito Takeuchi

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Aun Company

Theater company AUN presided over by a name actor, KOHTARO YOSHIDA who gained great acclaim at Ninagawa Yukio's Shakespearean theater performed at the London Barbican Center. Although it is a theater company specialized in Shakespeare, in recent years it has also performed works of Japan.