Harsha Jayasankar Spatial Structural Ring
Spatial Structural Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Spatial Structural Ring

The design incorporates a metal frame structure in which the druzy is held in such a way that there is emphasis on both the stone as well as the metal frame structure. The structure is quite open and makes sure that the stone is the star of the design. The irregular form of the druzy and the metal balls that hold the structure together brings in a little softness to the design. It is bold, edgy and wearable.

Spatial Structural Ring
Harsha Jayasankar Spatial
Harsha Jayasankar Structural Ring
Harsha Jayasankar design
Harsha Jayasankar design
Harsha Jayasankar

An Architect turned Jewelry designer, Harsha works passionately to create beautiful wearable art that conveys a story through design. Harsha shifted her career from Architecture to Jewelry when she realized her passion for Jewelry. Since then, she has been working in the fashion jewelry industry in India. Though India has very few fashion jewelry brands, she has been fortunate to have worked with the best. She feels that as a designer she is evolving each day, with the help of new projects, meeting new people, and seeing and discovering new materials. She believes that each day is a new beginning and there is something new to learn and look forward to. She aims to collaborate with global brands and leave a mark in the fashion industry. Eventually, she looks forward to launching her own brand. She believes that a person's work is what should speak for them.

Kaashi Jewels

This design was made for the brand I was working for in 2014. The brand name is Kaashi Jewels based out of Mumbai, India. The work experience with Kaashi was the stepping stone to the fashion jewelry industry. Kaashi Jewels was all about Indo-Western style jewelry. The base metal was brass (14-18kt gold plated) with semi-precious stones, druzies, pearls, beads etc.