Steve Roberts Fling Sticker set
Fling Sticker set is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Fling Sticker set

To separate Fling's new chat function from other social media applications, the task was to create a custom animated sticker set based on the company mascots, that users of the app could interact with and send to each other. One key aspect was to epitomise the fun and expression, which was the focus when creating each character sequence. The stickers would in turn enhance the interaction between users, and therefore the app itself.

Fling Sticker set
Steve Roberts Fling
Steve Roberts Sticker set
Steve Roberts design
Steve Roberts design
Steve Roberts

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Fling - see the world

Fling is a young start-up with big ideas for disrupting the social media industry by providing users with a gateway into other people's lives. This is done by creating the first truly random social media app that allows anyone from anywhere to connect with anyone from anywhere and share their moments.