Elvira Firsova ZeSoup Instant cream soups
ZeSoup Instant cream soups is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
ZeSoup Instant cream soups

Quzend studio team had a goal to create a packaging for instant soups saying that it is a natural product, as well as very tasty and healthy soups. As this is the first batch of soups to be produced and it should attract attention, the emphasis was on color solutions. Each main shade completely repeats the color of the product, and the black background of the package intensifies this effect of brightness showing it in contrast. On the cover there is a minimum of information to attract the client with a sense of taste and beauty of the product.

ZeSoup Instant cream soups
Elvira Firsova ZeSoup
Elvira Firsova Instant cream soups
Elvira Firsova design
Elvira Firsova design
Elvira Firsova

I am an ordinary person who has his dreams and goals in life. I started my career from scratch and now I have my own design studio, I breath this and break all the frames and barriers. It's such a great feeling when you realize that you can contribute something to this world. I am always ready to work and to put my soul into what I love.


ZeSoup company specializes in making instant soups in various directions. The main rule - the product should be tasty, healthy and save the time of a person who needs a quick and hot snack. The company is quite young and only begins to develop and gather momentum. At this stage it is very important to present and recommend itself. Packaging developed for soups is the first Ze-Soup product.