ETHOSpace Pte Ltd The Man Office
The Man Office is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Man Office

A design concept of a very personalized office of a man who lives his work with energy inspired by his spouse and family he cherishes. Everything about his work is born in the space within the spaces he chooses personally from look and feel to forms and surfaces. The office is also designed for late nights of personal meditation over reflections of the day's work. In those moments, being still with his wife by his side, in the two arm chairs, in a personalized space specially chosen, does not mean doing nothing.

The Man Office
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd The Man
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Office
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd

For each achievement for David at this point of his career, most important is his sense of fulfillment that can be extended as inspiration to the younger generations. He carries a message to them who have chosen design and art as a profession that all is possible even from the humblest of beginnings as in his case. Today if asked what is his most treasured possession, his response would be the renewed spirit in him instilled by a growing awareness of the need to master, serve, and grow.

MD Entertainment

Since it's establishment in 2003, MD is currently the biggest production house in Indonesia and has produced many films and serials of quality such as " Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Cinta Fitri, Tendangan Si Madun, Raden Kian Santang' and many more which have all achieved tremendous success. Some of the soaps and films produced by MD have received prestigious awards at the Panasonic Awards, SCTV Awards, Indonesia Movie Awards, Yahoo OMG Awards etc. Infact, the soap opera Cinta Fitri is the only soap that the former President of Indonesia, Bapak BJ Habibie and his late wife Ibu Ainun religiously watched . How could they not as it was filled with morality and felt close to the lives of the Indonesian community.