Alexander Kirzhbaum Mindpalace Visual Identity
Mindpalace Visual Identity is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Mindpalace Visual Identity

Mindpalace is an edutainment-bureau based in Moscow. The authors of the project Ira and Slava debunk the stereotype that lectures are boring. They come up with themes and give lectures about the coolest ideas in the history of mankind on different sites of Moscow in the summertime, and record video podcasts in winter. As I’ve been charged with the positive attitude of the founders of the Mindpalace edutainment bureau and the concept of the project itself, I decided that the guys themselves should be in the center of attention of the identity. And in graphic language they became the characters

Mindpalace Visual Identity
Alexander Kirzhbaum Mindpalace
Alexander Kirzhbaum Visual Identity
Alexander Kirzhbaum design
Alexander Kirzhbaum design
Alexander Kirzhbaum

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. It is important for me to make a meaningful design, to convey the essence of ideas in a laconic form. I enjoy creating ideas and stories and presenting them through graphics. I like to make identity, packaging, illustrations. I prefer to take on projects that benefit people and are fair to them. I am interested in communicating the messages of these projects in a positive and joyful manner. My motto is “Be engaged in what makes you happy”.

Chertogi Razuma

Chertogi Razuma(Mindpalace) is a Moscow-based edutainment bureau. Their goal is to make life more interesting, and the world around more understandable. At the "Chertogi Razuma" events, the audience not only gets knowledge, but also has a great time: the lectures are always interactive and comprise mini-competitions, verbal battles and spontaneous historical reconstructions.