Hojin Kang Feiner Herr Corporate Identity
Feiner Herr Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Feiner Herr Corporate Identity

The Corporate Identity "Feiner Herr" is like the product itself: the redefinition of tradition with a modern twist. The visual language is based on early 20th century design elements, contemporarily and minimalistic interpreted. Each modern translation of ornamental tiles is based on the original pancake recipes. It allows flexibility and in the same time continuity in the reinterpretation of the concept, following the regularly updated recipes. The chosen brand name "Feiner Herr" has two meanings in old German language and describes both a gentleman and/or a gourmet.

Feiner Herr Corporate Identity
Hojin Kang Feiner Herr
Hojin Kang Corporate Identity
Hojin Kang design
Hojin Kang design
Feiner Herr

The Berlin based startup Feiner Herr is a foodtruck which takes street food to a whole new level, as it is the first to reinterpret traditional pancakes. By mixing classical with modern ingredients and flavours a whole new product is born: Pancake Moderne. Feiner Herr is an old German wording which literally means gentleman. Additionally in its food context it describes someone who creates tasty things.