Guoxing Jiang Xupin Main meeting hall
Xupin Main meeting hall is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Xupin Main meeting hall

The building ,surrounding with big lawn, is a small building located in a beautiful Industrial Park . Its outer wall is made up with red brick which make it different from other office building. Most style of meeting halls are strict business formality. I want to create an unique meeting space, which is full of Chinese traditional cultural. I hope that every people can feel the sense of nature and culture. The meeting hall ,it is a quiet Jiangnan ink painting when there is no one here. However when people are crowding around here, it is a dynamic theater, performing different stories .

Xupin Main meeting hall
Guoxing Jiang Xupin
Guoxing Jiang Main meeting hall
Guoxing Jiang design
Guoxing Jiang design

Xupin Space Design Limited Company is an professional design agency focusing on business space design. The company, established in 2006 ,has served to more than 200 brands . The company always adhere to original design, its works have received many prizes and published on many magazines .