Martina Schuhmann Feltstone Rug Runner
Feltstone Rug Runner is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Feltstone Rug Runner

Felt stone area rug gives an optical illusion of real stones. The use of different wools complement the look and feel of the rug. Stones are different from one another in size, color and high - the surface looks like in the nature. Some of them have a moss effect. Each pebble has a foam core that is surrounded by 100% wool. On the basis of this soft core every rock squeezes under pressure. The backing of the a rug is a transparent mat. Stones are sewed together and with the mat.

Feltstone Rug Runner
Martina Schuhmann Feltstone Rug
Martina Schuhmann Runner
Martina Schuhmann design
Martina Schuhmann design
Martina Schuhmann

Since I remember I was interested in design and art and next. After highschool I started to study architecture but after some semesters I started to work. Next to my job (pharmaceutical industry) I was always creating and designing different interior items. In general all these items were for personal use. So the items have to be usefull for daily life and not only a Piece of art.

Flussdesign Martina Schuhmann GmbH

Felt Stone rug - under the brand flussdesign rugs and bath mats made of felt stones are distributed. Different styles are offered - the design nominated for the award was specially developed for a private customer. The stone rug is made with stones in different highs and sizes. The surface varies like in the nature. Basic color of stones is similar but the venes on the stones are made of different colors. Some of them have a moss effect. Each stone is different to another.