Tiago Curioni Savana Armchair
Savana Armchair is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Savana Armchair

The Savana armchair, made entirely by hand and only with wicker branches, was performed at a small workshop in Sao Paulo. A complex work that questions the high industrialization of furniture, since the raw material was not altered for the making of the piece. Referring to the clump of grass as wind, as found in nature, the Savana is an armchair full of identity and with its own magnetism, unable to go unnoticed. With the branches curved into the water and then glued one by one, it reveals a different detail of every angle of vision, with a vide range of details, that only nature could bestow.

Savana Armchair
Tiago Curioni Savana
Tiago Curioni Armchair
Tiago Curioni design
Tiago Curioni design
Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni is a young architect and designer who maintains a studio based in São Paulo since 2010. His work as a designer is basically made ​up of furniture that is developed for their architectural designs and later enters in his studio production line. An owner of a clean and simple feature , he usually works with various materials, always looking for innovative elements that can challenge your drawing.

Tiago Curioni

Architect, urban planner and product designer, graduated from Mackenzie University, certified in eco-friendly architecture and sustainability by the Italian institution ANAB. In 2014 postgraduate in Strategic Design at the Institute Europeo di Design, with experience in areas such as design thinking, metadesign, branding, research methodologies and Project methodology. As a product designer, he creates and implements pieces of furniture and lighting that are used in his interior design projects. In his studio, based in São Paulo, he uses various types of different materials, such as copper, steel and wood, revealing a dynamic and restless character of his production. Also appropriates the concept of up-cycling as transforming technical materials, collecting various elements disposed in the trash and transforming them into new forms, creating a new cycle of life. Active participant of exhibitions and of the most important design competitions, in Brazil and other countries, Tiago Curioni studio is always seeking new materials and technologies.