Lin Xu Wallful Wall poster
Wallful Wall poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Idea and Conceptual Design Award Category.
Wallful Wall poster

This is an intelligent wall poster design, which can be controlled by an APP on any smartphone to change wall color and automatically adjust brightness. It also allows doodling and writing on the wall. Doodle and writing can be erased and saved. This design aims to tackle difficulties in re-painting walls. It uses modern technology to help renovate and provide personalized interior schemes.

Wallful Wall poster
Lin Xu Wallful
Lin Xu Wall poster
Lin Xu design
Lin Xu design
Lin Xu

She has been passionate about art and designing since childhood. Therefore she has been paying close attention to industrial designing and designing technology. She has been working at an art academy for more than a decade, focusing on designing, and fundamental teaching and research in art. Apart from being rich in knowledge in theory of art and designing, she is also experienced in practice. She has taken part in a great amount of art competitions and exhibitions, which increases her understanding of art and designing. She has been involved in the designing of landscaping in the bund, central shanghai.

Unique loft in occult city

Unique loft in occult city, founded in Shanghai, is an original design studio specializing in product design, cultural creative design, graphic design and other cultural and creative design fields.It belongs to Shanghai Jin Hao creative studio.The main design project of the brand is: "Yi-Miao Xiang" series of luxury accessories, including "joy", "dream" and a series of fragrant porcelain products.As a conceptual design project of Shanghai Jin Hao studio, Wallful has won the 2018 IF Award professional concept design.