LesnaVesna Alpine 3d Puzzle
Alpine 3d Puzzle is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Alpine 3d Puzzle

Large-scale 3D wooden puzzle, developed for Slovene alpine museum- to get to know Julian alps, through free composing or guided workshops. It consists of 3 groups of elements: large basic parts of different thicknesses to create valleys and hills; elements of alpine flora and fauna; mountain ranges to complete a entire Julian alps ring- or to create it freely, in lineal or perpendicular way. The elements are printed in 3 different colors, that symbolize landscape types- meadow, rocks and forest floor- or the pass of seasons. It's a toy, a learning tool but also a spatial installation.

Alpine 3d Puzzle
LesnaVesna Alpine
LesnaVesna 3d Puzzle
LesnaVesna design
LesnaVesna design

Eva Strukelj and Ignacio Lopez Sola are two architects with passion for wood. Used to computer aided design, they also constantly search for the contact with real wood. Changing scales from bigger architectural and interior design all the way to the smallest scale of wooden accessories in modern home. Their designs try to revive old patterns found in nature, ethnology and local heritage. Their small workshop allows to instantlycheck the design solutions and bring new products in efficient way to the client.

Slovene alpine museum

Slovene alpine musem, the client of this project, is a small-scale but awarded museum in Mojstrana, Slovenia. They were looking for an element to use with children, to conduct workshops with or let them use it for free composing. LesnaVesna is a design studio, that creates wooden pieces that last for generations and look for a story of its clients to design and execute its custom-built pieces, taking inspiration from local tradition, ethnology and blending it with contemporary design.