LesnaVesna Pisanica Benches and table
Pisanica Benches and table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Pisanica Benches and table

Contemporary with a traditional twist. The seating is placed in a terrace, with house's windows looking towards it so the design had to be equally detailed from all sides. Interpretation of "Pisanice" ornament originating in painted eggs is featured on longitudinal stripes that run all the way from the feet up to the back and to the back side. An added feature is little herb planter, inserted inside wide- narrow pattern of local oakwood boards; fixed invisibly on the structure. The program dictated a lounge type of seating, that also serves as a invisible storage. A place to breathe piece.

Pisanica Benches and table
LesnaVesna Pisanica
LesnaVesna Benches and table
LesnaVesna design
LesnaVesna design

Eva Strukelj and Ignacio Lopez Sola are two architects with passion for wood. Used to computer aided design, they also constantly search for the contact with real wood. Changing scales from bigger architectural and interior design all the way to the smallest scale of wooden accessories in modern home. Their designs try to revive old patterns found in nature, ethnology and local heritage. Their small workshop allows to instantlycheck the design solutions and bring new products in efficient way to the client.


The project was totally custom-designed for a client of ours, that wanted something unique, with typical LesnaVesna (ethno) touch. LesnaVesna is a design studio, that creates wooden pieces that last for generations and look for a story of its clients to design and execute its custom-built pieces, taking inspiration from local tradition, ethnology and blending it with contemporary design.