Ninho Design Studio Spot Multifunctional Sofa
Spot Multifunctional Sofa is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Spot Multifunctional Sofa

Conceived from the perception of the new ways of using space and the new habits of the contemporary everyday life, this sofa stands out due to the many functions it can perform with the addition of accessories to its backrest, making it possible to study, work, place and store objects, and recharge electronic devices in the same space. Spot comes in many shapes, suiting several layouts and supplying in one place the needs of a room. It also stimulates the often forgotten human relations, creating a welcoming and functional environment that is capable of conceiving memories.

Spot Multifunctional Sofa
Ninho Design Studio Spot
Ninho Design Studio Multifunctional Sofa
Ninho Design Studio design
Ninho Design Studio design

Decameron is a Brazilian contemporary Design office located in Sao Paulo. Established in 1995 by designer Marcus Ferreira, Decameron is not only a Design office, but also a laboratory, since the company has always chosen to manufacture furniture by combining classic techniques of tapestry and woodwork to contemporary design. Just like in the old times, each piece of furniture is made individually by the hands of our artisans in a process that ensures each product is manufactured with a selection of high quality raw materials and made exclusively to the customer.