ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Light Residential House
Light Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Light Residential House

Radiation of light from the main staircase with an Indian pierced screen, made of steel, spreading its rays throughout the villa. The ceiling expresses an Indian-inspired arch in the living room with illuminated tones that radiates warmth in the environment, styled by 3 generations of family collectibles.

Light Residential House
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Light
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Residential House
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd

For each achievement for David at this point of his career, most important is his sense of fulfillment that can be extended as inspiration to the younger generations. He carries a message to them who have chosen design and art as a profession that all is possible even from the humblest of beginnings as in his case. Today if asked what is his most treasured possession, his response would be the renewed spirit in him instilled by a growing awareness of the need to master, serve, and grow.

Dadlani Family

Dadlani is an Indian Singaporeans Family. We have known this family very well for the past 17 years because we designed their 1st home in the year of 2000 and they came back with the 2nd villa house in the year of 2008.