Alfie Shao Four Treasures of the Study Product Design
Four Treasures of the Study Product Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Four Treasures of the Study Product Design

Four Treasures of the Study - with simple and pure deliveries of writing, the messages and heritage at all times can always be extended and passed down: brush, ink, paper, and ink stone are the four indispensible mediums of tool for the refined scholars. They use these mediums for expressing diversified manners of interpretation and performance: writing in flying strokes, reciting poems, and singing willows.

Four Treasures of the Study Product Design
Alfie Shao Four Treasures of the Study
Alfie Shao Product Design
Alfie Shao design
Alfie Shao design
Alfie Shao

As Chief Designer of CHU-studio in Taipei, Tainan and Beijing, as wellas lecturer of both Department of Design and Department ofArchitecture(Instructor of Graduate Design) in Chung Yuan Christian University,Shao Wei-Yen specialized in integrating space design with CAD/CAM system,focusing on the world trend, and emphasized the importance of practical leveland academic level.


The learning experience of CHU-studio team is combined with differentfields, such as architecture, interior, landscape, industrial design and softtrim design. Emphasizing all aspects of the projects, hoping the form of everydetails of the item can be related to each other. Headquarteredin Taipei, Taiwan, as well as branched in Tainan, China Beijing, Shenzhen andSingapore. The team focus on the complementarypractice and research multiplied, insist on four principles in each case:Digitality, Art, Crossover and Sustainability. The team especially constantly works oncomputer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM). Recently theymake more effort on parametric algorithm, expect to break the traditionaldesign thinking, and effectively reduce the cost of the project. CHU-studio is alsoconcerned about the contemporary notion of crossover. Despite the traditionalthinking and inherent practices, and no matter what the type of space it is,CHU-studio attempt to break the frame restriction, searching more possibilitiesof it.