Elena Whitermore The Drop Bag
The Drop Bag is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
The Drop Bag

The Drop bag is a leather bag which is round outside and square inside. Its construction helps to keep the bag stable when it is placed on a surface and helps to keep insides organized. The design of the bag represents modern graphic design and minimalism. The project is developed together with the packaging to enhance visual impression of the concept.

The Drop  Bag
Elena Whitermore The Drop
Elena Whitermore Bag
Elena Whitermore design
Elena Whitermore design

ASD is a developing brand from Sweden, started 2017. The brand creates leather and canvas bags and accessories. The concept of ASD products is to combine modern graphic design and functionality by using unusual shapes and minimalistic decoration. ASD manufactures its products in collaboration with Swedish leather goods factory Nyström Stockholm.