Gabriella Veszprémi Layers Footwear
Layers Footwear is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Layers Footwear

The idea for Layers collection was the need for the use of the still perfect quality residual leather remaining after the manufacturing of regular leather pieces. Retaining the technologies used in traditional shoe manufacturing, she has experimented a new construction method. The collection demonstrates the possibilities and directions of this new shaping process in the spirit of sustainability. Every shoe of the collection is created using another base method to showcase the different possibilities. Each piece is slightly different from each other and can be customized for every person.

Layers Footwear
Gabriella Veszprémi Layers
Gabriella Veszprémi Footwear
Gabriella Veszprémi design
Gabriella Veszprémi design
Gabriella Veszprémi

She is an accessory designer, whose sustainability and ZERO WASTE philosophy were the most important starting points in the design. She tries to creat her new technique, which give an opportunity to being able to reach 100% material usage with the production of her collections. Her every design while being the highest quality, each piece is slightly different from each other and can be customized for every person.


The main ideology of the brand to create unique and environmentally conscious fashion items. Accessories, shoes and bags are made with passion and craftsmanship for modern women . The brand considers the principle of sustainability, and that the objects she designs and craft are in the spirit of this notion very important.