Matter Branding Flo Alkaline Water
Flo Alkaline Water is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Flo Alkaline Water

We were approached to work on the creation of a premium brand for the only Alkaline water to be released in Egypt, with a brand name and design that are unique and strong enough to become the most aspirational, Egyptian, water brand in the market. With a modern, progressive and artistic persona, we set to work to create an intricate brand that conveys its values of being bold, sophisticated and vibrant.

Flo Alkaline Water
Matter Branding Flo
Matter Branding Alkaline Water
Matter Branding design
Matter Branding design

Matter is a leading branding agency in the Middle East, specialised in creating brands with a strong brand story and personality, one that remains consistent starting from the strategy and naming, to the identity and packaging. They have cultivated long term partnerships with a wide range of clients, starting from strong regional players, big multinationals like Heinz, Pepsico, Americana and Nestle, to national and regional startups. Matter is uniquely characterised by their passion to their art, their dedication to their service and their commitment to always deliver the right balance between art and business.