Sophia Dias Transmutation Jumpsuit
Transmutation Jumpsuit is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Transmutation Jumpsuit

Unrelated to trends in fashion Homs Arthaus has a vision and philosophy of their own. The design is inspired by diversity contrasts and confrontations. Art in the form of hand drawn printed illustrations, are incorporated into the design and mixed with the echo of simple scandinavian lines. It's a relieving way of thinking of fashion making it an innovative and bold new concept of design. The first collection from Homs Arthaus, is offering a new dimension to masculinity and mens fashion.

Transmutation Jumpsuit
Sophia Dias Transmutation
Sophia Dias Jumpsuit
Sophia Dias design
Sophia Dias

Homs Arthaus was an achievement, created to be a brand criticized by marketing CEOs, hated by fashion designers, and dehumanized by artists. The idea is to confront, to inhibit, to confuse graphically, to destroy limits that the bourgeois fashion creates, and to integrate art to the non-elitist ones. For the only reason that create a personal identity, have a voice that interconnects those who are opposed to snobbism to those who walk only by the paths already developed by others, those who follow only those who are never opposed. Because individuals are here to create, to shout, to expose themselves, to be different, to be more, to be less, to be something.

Homs Arthaus

Homs Arthaus is an art and design brand based in Berlin. Our ambition is to challenging the perception of how we see menswear Today. And our mission is to keep integrating innovation, sustainability and conception into all of our creations. Our signature, is the interference between art and design, with the aim to provoke and challenge the wearer and his surroundings. Every details of creating the collection have been the highest importance to Homs Arthaus to take the first step in creating bold and innovative menswear.