Cedric Chevalley Upsk8 #3 Mosaik Bracelet Jewelry
Upsk8 #3 Mosaik Bracelet Jewelry is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Upsk8 #3 Mosaik Bracelet Jewelry

Bracelet made of re-used skateboard decks. Each skate decks are made of 7 plys of mapple tree, often colored; the designer is inspired about the amazing material. Designer can choose among the used skate’s deck the ones matching or simply pleasing him, then the parts are assembled according to his design, giving a new life to things dedicated yet for a bright new life.

Upsk8 #3 Mosaik Bracelet Jewelry
Cedric Chevalley Upsk8 #3 Mosaik
Cedric Chevalley Bracelet Jewelry
Cedric Chevalley design
Cedric Chevalley

Cédric Chevalley is a "creative-addict" . he got famous while creating in the jewelry fields for more then 17 years, but this didn't let him fall in laziness, on the contrary, that motivated him to get back his first dream as to create, create, create, art, design and whatever he feels constructive to build .

Cedric Chevalley

Cedric Chevalley, Swiss designer is also addicted to skateboarding! This, combined with design, drove him to create jewelry made of upcycled skateboards. Fuckyeah! upcycled sk8 jewelry was created by Swiss designer Cedric Chevalley, a self-confessed skateboarding addict! This passion combined with design drove him to create jewelry that would rise up out of the graves of broken and dead skateboards to be what is now up-cycled skateboard jewelry.