Charlotte Friis Children Papers Drawing chair
Children Papers Drawing chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Children Papers Drawing chair

The Children Papers Chair rethinks the experience of drawing. It tells a story about the extensive use of paper. The child takes a seat on the paper roll and begins to draw. As the drawing extends in can be rolled on the back cylinder that will store all the drawings. The back support is executed in solid wood with a white lacquer. The paper rolls are held in place by a metal resort system that makes the paper rolling movement possible. It can be used by kids between the ages of three to eight. It can store drawings on 400 meters of paper.

Children Papers Drawing chair
Charlotte Friis Children Papers
Charlotte Friis Drawing chair
Charlotte Friis design
Charlotte Friis design
Charlotte Friis

The relevance of design comes from telling stories that make people reflect on their lives. The design process starts with changing the perception of normal objects into multi-functional ones. The originality comes from mixing together the normality with the styling of basic objects parts, giving them another layer of meaning that brings out a new ingenuous way of usage. The conceptual overcoating of items makes them more fun and interactive, and as an ultimate goal - bringing joy, to the user. One of the highlights is that the Children Papers Chair is going to be exhibited in 2018 in "Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood", London, UK.

Charlotte Friis Design Studio

Charlotte Friis works with her personal concept "Storytelling Furniture". She often designs across form and function by giving existing objects a new function and meaning. The emphasis goes on the originality of the proposal, that is achieved through long hours of study and prototyping.