Universidad EAFIT Tango Vase
Tango Vase is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tango Vase

Tango was born as an idea of encapsulating a form-giving experience reflected in two worlds: engineering and design. Engineering, with the process transformation capabilities leveraged by state of the art technologies; and design, with the symbolism that emphasizes an aesthetic value priority. Thus, driving a balance in a world where the boundaries between disciplines are fading, pushing aside conventional design.

Tango Vase
Universidad EAFIT Tango
Universidad EAFIT Vase
Universidad EAFIT design
Universidad EAFIT design
Universidad EAFIT

Juan is a Research and Engineering Specialist with over 16 years of experience with problem solving in effective innovation, project leadership and product in terms with software CAD-CAM-CAE with global technology leading organizations such a EAFIT University and a few companies with the transformation of products.

Universidad EAFIT

EAFIT is a place to study and learn but also to investigate, innovate, create, explore, experience culture, and feel a sense of wellbeing. A place to stay. Located on the south side of Medellín, in the El Poblado sector, the main campus covers nearly 128,000 square meters (31 acres) and features blocks of classrooms, offices, laboratories, athletic facilities, auditoriums, small squares, gardens, and other spaces conducive to research, academic, sporting, cultural, and leisure activities.​​ The Engineering Building is a major architectural highlight on campus and one of the country’s green buildings due to its natural façade insulation, rainwater harvesting and reuse system, low-wattage lighting, and airflow control system for air conditioning optimization.​ The seventh and eighth floors of that same building have been set aside as a space for senior administrators of the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Applied Finance (MAF) programs.​ Further growth will also be possible because of the university’s acquisition of Los Guayabos, a park located opposite the main campus where many of the projects contemplated in the institution’s Master Plan are to be situated.