Simonas Palovis Wee! Active Work Desk
Wee! Active Work Desk is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Wee! Active Work Desk

WEE is an alternative work desk concept for people, who can‘t stand sitting motionless during long work hours. By combining a traditional desk with a swing, the user can sit down for long work hours, while also being able to keep their lower body active. Not only that, but WEE is also a two-for-one piece of furniture, offering a spacious desk as well as an integrated seat.

Wee! Active Work Desk
Simonas Palovis Wee!
Simonas Palovis Active Work Desk
Simonas Palovis design
Simonas Palovis design
Simonas Palovis

I am a product and graphic designer. To me, design isn’t just a profession - it’s an understanding of how the world works by analyzing the small details in our everyday life and asking the question “How can I make it better?”, as well as distinguishing the wants from the needs, and making a product that would have purpose. I don't rest until I know that I have given my all to a project, which I guess is one way to say that I love doing what I do.

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Vilnius Academy of Arts is the largest and oldest art university in the Baltic States, established in 1793 as an Architecture department at the Chief school of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Vilnius. At the end of the 19th century it was closed together with Vilnius University by the tsarist government, and then reopened in 1919. After the World War II Academy was merged with Kaunas Art Institute and since then was called The State Art Institute of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania. In 1990 the Academy regained its name of Vilnius Academy of Arts.