Ioannis Solomozis Jungle Upholstery Fabric
Jungle Upholstery Fabric is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Jungle Upholstery Fabric

Jungle is a mix of various elements that make sense as a whole. SOLO Jungle is a fusion of watercolor paintings on canvas and digital sketches depicted on reused fabrics. We love the idea of reused fabrics as a way to protect nature. The blend of basic watercolor and digital shapes renders a pattern that truly represents the lush, dense aspect of the jungle. Such an intense green effect was obtained through printing, that pantone used SOLO Jungle to sustain their Greenery concept.

Jungle Upholstery Fabric
Ioannis Solomozis Jungle
Ioannis Solomozis Upholstery Fabric
Ioannis Solomozis design
Ioannis Solomozis design
Ioannis Solomozis

Ioannis Solomozis is a designer and entrepreneur, based in Athens, Greece. His work has been featured in Pantone's catalog of trends for 2018. Awarded with German Design Award and A Design Award for his “Jungle” Pattern. Collaborated with Paola Navone on Erosantorini project. From 2015 is showcasing his work on international exhibitions in Athens, London and Paris. His latest collaboration is with Christou company which he designed medical supply products.


The things we make say a lot about us. We make furniture, home-wear and hero items. We are designers and makers. For us the design process starts with an idea, a pattern, a piece of furniture, a fabric innovation, an inspiration. We take that idea and craft it into a reality. Our design focus is on transformative constructions and designs. We design, manufacture and ship everything from the same building - our creative hub in Athens, Greece.