Ross Compton Avanti Gara Elegant Car
Avanti Gara Elegant Car is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Avanti Gara Elegant Car

Avanti has been created due to a lack in variety amongst the exotic car market. Avanti is designed to brake boundaries within market categories, with a target audience that values appearance above track times, it delivers raw passion and caters to self-indulgence. Just as exquisite items are, Avanti is more of a work of art, or fine accessory such as a luxury watch. It has been made to make the owner feel unique and conjure up feelings of excitement and desire. It is not a necessary vehicle but it is needed. It breaks the mould and contradicts what is expected within the luxury car world.

Avanti Gara Elegant Car
Ross Compton Avanti Gara
Ross Compton Elegant Car
Ross Compton design
Ross Compton design
Ross Compton

I am Ross Compton. I am a new designer that already has around 4 years of experience, working across Europe and America. I am currently working for a new start up company specialising in electric SUV's. I designed the exterior to this alongside the CEO. This experience has fuelled my own motives. As a result of this I am looking for funding to develop my own company. I am setting up a new car company based on luxury and zero compromise with elegant and retro styling. I want to be the best and want to be remembered.

Macchina Design

This is Macchina. Macchina is a company set up by Ross Compton that provides automotive styling and unique coach building. It specialises in unique, retro inspired designs while also producing hyper modern concepts. Not only does this platform allow Macchina to advertise itself but it enables a chance to connect with people across generations. Currently Macchina is seeking funding to allow it to grow and develop the car concepts fully and realise them into production worthy cars. Macchina will produce one off cars, as well as very limited production cars. This is to keep demand high and retain exclusivity. In a different approach to most manufactures, you cannot order a car directly. First you must apply and be selected to gain the right to order. In this way, they ensure the most deserved people receive the chance to own a Macchina designed car. Being rich will not give you an advantage.