Ulrich Graf North Sea Pure Can
North Sea Pure Can is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
North Sea Pure Can

The design of Skiclub Kampen is pure, clear and impresses via simpleness. Skiclub Kampen North Sea offers high quality spirits and fillers of the same brand and with the same design language. The key icon of the logo is the Stranddistel, a flower only existing in Kampen/Sylt. All products have a colour which reflects the colour of the content of the bottle or can. The labelling of all packaging is done with one colour only to underline the required pureness.

North Sea Pure Can
Ulrich Graf North Sea Pure
Ulrich Graf Can
Ulrich Graf design
Ulrich Graf design
Ulrich Graf

Everything but normal! That´s the credo of Ulrich Graf. After working as a distributor for fashion products, he created in 2012 the brand Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits. His ambition is to develop extremely high quality products, both the spirit itself and the design, the optic and haptic of the bottles. In addition he developed a range of refreshment beverages in oder to be able to serve cocktails. Furthermore the brand appearance has been stretched by offering fashion for men and women. The whole range of Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits products is defined by the values of pureness and distinctiveness.

Skiclub Kampen North Sea

Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits - A Tradition of premium Quality. Standards are set high at North Sea Spirits. The creation process begins on a 24 hectare farm where the wheat is sowed, grown and harvested which forms the basis of the handcrafted artisan distilled spirits all produced completely within a controlled organic environment. Alcohol distilled exclusively in Germany by an ancient traditional process is the basis of the premium product range and is characterised by outstanding mildness and purity. The distillery is one of the oldest family owned and operated locations in Germany and the owners have been licensed to produce alcohol since the 15th. Century. This family owned distillery has existed in the current location since 1864. After fivefold distillation, the vodka pass through a unique Silver-Filter. This ultra slow filtration process produces an extremely smooth and mild spirit. The resulting vodka forms the common base ingredient for all North Sea spirits products. The unique carefully monitored fivefold distillation imbibes the spirit with extreme quality, purity and mildness reflecting our true passion for premium uniqueness. As the spirits are made with meticulous care, the cans and bottles stand out due to their pure, clear optical presentation and unique signature design elements. North Sea Spirits – defining premium standards.