Sameh Ibrahim Emam Ice Keeper Ice bucket
Ice Keeper Ice bucket is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Ice Keeper Ice bucket

Ice Keeper is an ice bucket shaped like hour glass containing the ice in the upper part and a small city in the lower part which have a clear message to spread awareness about dangers of global warming and its direct impact on all the sea side cities. The Ice bucket have built in ice holder on the top of it and also the water which go to the lower part can be dropped by small hatch opening under the bucket, It also have a function of separating the water from ice to control Ice melting.

Ice Keeper Ice bucket
Sameh Ibrahim Emam Ice Keeper
Sameh Ibrahim Emam Ice bucket
Sameh Ibrahim Emam design
Sameh Ibrahim Emam design
Sameh Ibrahim Emam

I born in Egypt, I studied Architecture at Future University in Egypt, i was the second on my class and now I'm working as a Teacher assistant at this university... I really love my Job because I love architecture and I love to inspire my students with all the beautiful concepts around them. I also love Physics beside my love for architecture ,,, actually this helps me too mush in my projects because i love to put physical statements into my concepts and to get inspired by physical findings & theories

Future University in Egypt

This design was made for Future University in Egypt Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture . It was a research about making furniture pieces that spread awareness about environmental issues. So, this design was made to attract awareness toward global warming and it's effects on cities.