Keng-Fu Lo Gasea Cliff House
Gasea Cliff House is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Gasea Cliff House

The architecture is located at the east coast of Taiwan. The east side of the building is the Pacific cliff, and on the west side of the coastal mountains, the amount of sunshine will become weak after 3 pm, so the facades of the buildings are of different types of glass, expecting to get the amount of light and making the natural environment Visual penetration. The design focuses on the arrangement of space, and the organic curve, which is close to nature, is chosen as the prototype for the development of the architecture.

Gasea Cliff House
Keng-Fu Lo Gasea
Keng-Fu Lo Cliff House
Keng-Fu Lo design
Keng-Fu Lo design
Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

It is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in its designs, from architecture to interior design, and wishes the result is a harmonious environment where human life maintains contact with nature. Architecture can have a lot of sensibility and imagination, standardized regional cutting is no longer the only option, the fuzzy boundary makes the use of space as a whole more spacious and smooth, not only reduce the alienation of people, but also inclusive of the meaning of innovation without boundaries; expectations in the environment, architecture, space and people to create a close relationship.