Li Hao Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House
Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House

The mirrored sight’ tells the story of the longli people — a vernacular community that has experienced isolation and tension in southeast guizhou, china. Located along the longxi river — outside the old town of longli — the project reflects on a critical period, brings in a new regionl landmark and viewpoint where people can rest and enjoy. It is composed of two floors that accommodate only one person: the lower one invites people to stay and rest, while the upper has a pyramidal inner space and provides different viewpoints across the landscape.

Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House
Li Hao Mirrored Sight Shelter
Li Hao Viewing House, Tea House
Li Hao design
Li Hao design
One Take Architects

One Take Architects, one of the most active and influential architectural firms in China’s contemporary architecture field, was founded by architect Li Hao in 2016, and is based in Hangzhou. Instead of enforcing architect's self-conscious or following icons and superficial forms, a good design has to respect the existing environment with support of logic and reasons. Every architecture is a vessel for living that defines user's everyday life to different extent, consciously or sub-consciously. The definition established upon lifestyles, cultural conditions, site content, local climate and etc; and this is where the new lifestyle starts to evolve from. The new lifestyle, instead of being the repetition of the existing conditions, should be an unprecedented life experience created through design. This is the meaning of new architecture. In every project, One Take Architects is devoted to discover the unrevealing relationship and various possibilities in existing context. Through our design, to create the new perception and experience which are exclusive to each project. The sense of ‘being here’ is uniquely established and reflected in percipient's emotion and action. Therefore, the space, being the vessel of living, has formed an irreplaceable connection between place and perception. Architecture touches upon aesthetics, image, light, materiality, details, spirituality and many other things. But most important of all to us, in our era and social context, is its innovative power to transform people and the way they live, while striking a new balance between the man-made and nature. We'd love to keep creating the space that makes your life joyful and pleasant.