Ying Cui My Diary At Florence Scarf
My Diary At Florence Scarf is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
My Diary At Florence Scarf

The work reflects the journey of the young Chinese artist searching for her true self at the most prestigious art school, Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze, where she’s absorbed the energy coming from the collision of Chinese and western culture, and turned it into these stunning pieces of art. By printing those amazing patterns on woolen materials, the most faithful reproduction of the traditional Chinese rice paper, the calligraphy delivers the power of writing and the charm of art.

My Diary At Florence Scarf
Ying Cui My Diary At Florence
Ying Cui Scarf
Ying Cui design
Ying Cui design
Ying Cui

Before entering the field of art design, she worked in China Construction Technology Consulting Cooperation and participated in many large-scale architectural projects, including the Chaotian Gate Project (Chongqing), Longyan Civic Center Project (Fujian), Kunshan Culture Center (Jiangsu) and so on. Being an architect brought her art design more critical thinking, and the intercultural communication also brought her art work the unique multicultural style.

Cuin Studio

Cuin Studio(Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an art and design consultancy company based in Beijing, China and Florence, Italy. The art and design work covers urban landscape design; Architectural art atmosphere overall design; Architectural color material consultant; Art facade design; Construction Night lighting design; Interior art atmosphere rendering; Contemporary art interventions (artwork creation) and regional color planning. In the field of decoration and soft fitting design, providing interior design atmosphere rendering; Art installation; Painting sculpture; Indoor flood lighting Design; Interior color matching; Decorative materials; the overall furniture configuration and decorative Decoration design; Indoor and outdoor art lighting design field; The art of lighting; Space rendering; Special lighting design and Consultancy work. The goal of Cuin Studio is to supply solution for designing various cities. The projects always solve the problem and needs through artistic ways, rather than simply displace the idea in the space. Ultimately through the art to boost people's inner spirit, resulting in spreading love in cities, and drag out the passion of life and bring the urban life with more possibility. Cuin Studio always push to perfection with unique aesthetic concepts and style of expression.