Venkatesh Kalidoss Floating Stool
Floating Stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Floating Stool

The stool works on compression of air. The stool looks as it is floating on air. When they sit the compression of air in the cylinder acts as the cushion. He designed in such a way that the user could get a feel of floating when they take a seat. The design lasts long as there is use of only wood and glass which are rigid.

Floating Stool
Venkatesh Kalidoss Floating
Venkatesh Kalidoss Stool
Venkatesh Kalidoss design
Venkatesh Kalidoss design
Venkatesh Kalidoss

Designers Are the People Who Supports the Society in One Perspective . It Should Be Done With Full Effort and and the Best a Person Can Do Because a Single Design Designed by a Designer Lasts for Years and Many Number of People Will Be Using the Design. So It Has to Be Done With the Best Care Possible.


A Design Intent for the Present Generation to Transform With Time. Makes the User to Participate in the Design and His Role Itself Becomes a Part of the Design. Its Always Better to Design Something Which Has Multiple Purpose in It. So the User Gets Multiple Options and He Could Pick Up the Option He Likes the Most. Satisfying the User Need Is the Ultimate Intention. And Also Be Environment Friendly by Saving Material Usage.